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Wisconsin Federation for Children is working to expand educational opportunities and ensure that more children have educational choice. Through our efforts we hope to create programs that will ensure all children have the opportunity to be productive citizens in the future, ensure strong and meaningful accountability provisions in all school choice programs so that more parents have access to high-quality educational options for their children, increase the number of public charter schools across the state and public school choice.

School Choice in Wisconsin, by the numbers:

Milwaukee Parental Choice Program Enrollment

Racine Parental Choice Program Enrollment

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program Enrollment

Special Needs Scholarship Program Enrollment

Source: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, “Private School Choice Programs (MPCP, RPCP, WPCP) & Special Needs Scholarship Program (SNSP) Summary”


School Vouchers and Student Attainment: Evidence from a State-Minded Study of Milwaukee’s Parental Choice Program

This article focused on comparing educational attainment levels between students participating in Milwaukee’s voucher program and students in public schools without vouchers. Through a unique data set, the study was able to find that participating in a school voucher program is associated with increased high school graduation rates as well as increased enrollment and completion of 4-year colleges and universities.

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