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Wisconsin Federation for Children is working to expand educational opportunities and ensure that more children have educational choice. Through our efforts we hope to create programs that will ensure all children have the opportunity to be productive citizens in the future, ensure strong and meaningful accountability provisions in all school choice programs so that more parents have access to high-quality educational options for their children, increase the number of public charter schools across the state and public school choice.

School Choice in Wisconsin, by the numbers:

Milwaukee Parental Choice Program Enrollment

Racine Parental Choice Program Enrollment

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program Enrollment

Special Needs Scholarship Program Enrollment

Source: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, “Private School Choice Programs (MPCP, RPCP, WPCP) & Special Needs Scholarship Program (SNSP) Summary”


Racial Justice through Expanded Choice

The revelation that we already live in a choice system, but one that does not distribute the power to choose equally or fairly, turns the usual conversation about school choice—who has it and how much they should have—on its head. It is essential context for members...

Hamodia: An A+ Year for School Choice

In many sectors, a year-plus that halted social and economic trajectories was an impetus for reevaluation and served to accelerate trends already in motion. Campaigns intended to open broader educational options to a larger spectrum of children were no exception and,...