Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Milwaukee has 2 of the top schools in Wisconsin. So why is MPS treating them so badly?

Author: Alan J. Borsuk
Date: July 30, 2021
Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

To me, it is a factual statement that Milwaukee College Prep and Milwaukee Excellence Charter School are two of the best schools in Wisconsin. High levels of success year after year while serving low-income Black students from Milwaukee’s north side.

High energy school cultures, high academic goals that are genuinely pursued, strong emphasis on positive character traits and conduct, great leadership.

These schools are not perfect, but they are inspiring models. Milwaukee needs more schools like these.

So why does the education system — especially Milwaukee Public Schools — treat them the way it does? Each of these schools has a long and discouraging history of getting hassled (or worse) by the system.

You want to know what’s wrong with Milwaukee’s overall response to its education crisis? Start with looking at the situation of these schools. Start with what happened — and didn’t happen — at the Milwaukee School Board meeting Thursday night.”