Wisconsin Federation for Children: Gov. Evers vetoes education reform bills to expand options, empower parents

Author: Consumers Advisory
Date: April 15, 2022
Source: Consumers Advisory

On Friday, April 15, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers vetoed a series of education reform bills passed by the state legislature. These bills were created to protect the rights of parents and guardians to direct the education of their children, expand high-performing charter schools, and eliminate the income limits on Wisconsin’s choice programs to allow access for more families.

“We are disappointed by Evers’ decision to veto, which denies many Wisconsin parents the ability to choose the best school option to meet the needs of their child,” says American Federation for Children – Wisconsin State Director Justin Moralez. “Evers is more concerned with siding with the public school establishment than empowering parents and expanding options for the students we need to educate.”

Recent polls show wide, broadening bipartisan support for school choice.