Milwaukee Parental Choice Program


The Milwaukee Parent Choice Program (MPCP) was created in 1990, and is the country’s first school choice voucher program. The program allows low and middle-income families who live Milwaukee to enroll their children in private schools, that they could not otherwise afford, through the use of an educational voucher.


Students Participating

Schools Participating

Avg. Scholarship Amount (K4-8)

Avg. Scholarship Amount (9-12)

Total 2020 Expenditures

Enrollment Cap (Students)

**Scholarships cannot be used for Pre-K expenses.**

Student Eligibility


Student must live in the City of Milwaukee


Family income below 300% of the federal poverty guideline ($75,300 77,250 for family of four in 2018 2019 2020-21), with an additional $7,000 allowed for households with married parents.


All students must apply for the program every year and must meet program residency requirements


A student using a voucher whose family income increases beyond eligibility may continue to attend a private school using a voucher.

Open Application Dates

February 1 – February 22
March 1 – March 22
April 1 – April 20
May 1 – May 20
June 1 – June 21
July 1 – July 20
August 1 – August 20
September 1 – September 14
October 1 – October 20*
November 1 – November 22*
December 1 – January 7*

*2nd semester participation only

Application Information