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Private School Choice and Crime: Evidence from Milwaukee

This study aimed to understand if school choice programs help reduce the general crime rates when in students when they become adults. Using a unique data collection process, the two authors evaluated criminal rates among young adults who attended a school program in Milwaukee, one of the first cities or states to provide school choice as a legitimate and viable option to parents and students.

The Effects of School Choice on Mental Health

This study uses empirical data to determine the benefits of school choice programs and student’s mental health, and to examine whether there is a positive correlation based on multiple methods of date analysis. Using data points such as adolescent suicide rates, the researchers were able show that states that implemented voucher programs saw declines in their suicide rates. Additionally, the two also showed that private schools and choice programs lower the likelihood that individuals report having mental health issues when they develop into adults.

School Sector and School Safety: A Review of the Evidence

This article reviews the evidence connecting private and charter schools participating in voucher programs, with the idea of student safety in US schools. They conclude the results are generally positive for all involved regarding school safety perceptions. Furthermore, no study reviewed found the private or charter schools decrease the perception of safety among students, parents, and faculty.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Public and Private Schools of Choice in Wisconsin

In this article, Mr. DeAngelis analyzes the cost-effectiveness of private schools involved in various voucher programs in Wisconsin (including independent and public charter schools) and compares those costs to regular public schools.

Do Voucher Students Attain Higher Levels of Education? Extended Evidence from the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

This study aimed to determine if students enrolled as part of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program have higher educational attainment and completion rates than those students attending traditional schools in the Milwaukee Public School System.