Sunday Stories From Denisha

The School Choice Boyz, Walter Blanks, Jr., and Nathan Cunneen, spent the last few days in Milwaukee visiting schools and promoting the power of school choice. They had the opportunity to visit Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy for academic signing day and see the true impact of education freedom. Sometimes our work doesn't feel like work at all!

Forbes: Doing Your Own Research On School Choice

The idea of people “doing their own research” has become a pandemic-era punchline. Probably everyone reading this saw the reaction to NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers’ decision not to get vaccinated. If you didn’t, here is a representative headline from the Washington Post, “Aaron Rodgers said he did the research on covid vaccines.

Families May Like Their School But Want More Options. That’s Where Course Choice Comes In

The debate over school choice has long featured strident rhetoric about union lackeys and privatizers. But now, after millions of students spent a year or more in off-and-on home schooling and makeshift arrangements like learning pods and virtual camps, many once-stark distinctions have blurred. Yet, that has helped make other things clear. For one, it’s illustrated how the familiar school choice debate can miss much of what’s important to families.